[ase-users] fail to compile Dacapo on Ubuntu 9.04

Marcin Dulak Marcin.Dulak at fysik.dtu.dk
Sun Sep 13 15:18:03 CEST 2009

Dear Amihai,

i see on the link line:
/libnetcdf.a /libfftw.a
Did you set NETCDF and FFTW variables (see 
First check if you have a version of netcdf >= 3.6.2, check this with:
nm ${NETCDF}/libnetcdff.a | grep "T nf_strerror_"
If ${NETCDF}/libnetcdff.a does not exist you have a version < 3.6.2 
(which is fine).
The output of the previous command (use the ${NETCDF}/libnetcdf.a file 
in you have netcdf < 3.6.2) will tell you also if netcdf uses the second 
underscore or not.
Verify that fftw uses the same underscoring convention as netcdf, and 
build dacapo with the correct convention.

Best regards,


Amihai Silverman wrote:
> I fail to compile Dacapo on Ubuntu 9.04.
> ASE, NetCDF, FFTW were compiled properly, but compiling Dacapo
> fails with many errors such as:
> ../netcdf/gfortran_fsecond_underscore/netcdfinterface.o: In function 
> `__netcdfinterface_MOD_local_error_handler':
> netcdfinterface.F:(.text+0xa3b): undefined reference to `nf_strerror__'
> ../netcdf/gfortran_fsecond_underscore/netcdfinterface.o: In function 
> `__netcdfinterface_MOD_nfsetmode':
> The compilation logs are below, I will be grateful for your help.
> Thanks

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